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Simmering in the back of your mind, perhaps you've been wanting that "WOW" pair of diamond studs...a bigger diamond in your wedding ring...or a diamond necklace that steals the light in the room. Perhaps you've been thinking about selecting that perfect diamond for an engagement ring. She'll wear her diamond ring forever in two places at once, on her finger...and in her heart. Let us select a diamond for you that's a beautiful fit in the "place for diamonds" Antwerp, Belgium.

Why travel half way across the world to get diamonds? Selection. Selection. Selection. Touchstone Jewelers understands that diamonds are like people, no two are the same and no amount of paperwork can truly describe the beauty within. For more than a decade, Touchstone Jewelers has refined our sources in the diamond district of Antwerp. By maintaining strong relationships with the cutters, they give us first pick before the diamonds go on the open market.

Being the hub of the diamond industry (more than ½ of the world’s diamond rough travels through Antwerp) there are hundreds of diamond cutters and diamond sources. With our expertise, experience and inside contacts we have the ability to cut out the middle man and get you the most beautiful diamond (or diamonds), directly from the cutter, for the best price.

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